Dental Implants


A dental implant is an artificial tooth that supports one or more false teeth. It’s a titanium screw that can be used to replace the root of a tooth if it’s broken. It is inserted into the jawbone in the same way that a tooth root is.


Are implants safe and how long they last?

Implants are a well-proven and safe procedure. Implants, like natural teeth, are likely to last as long as you take care of them.

The most important factor in deciding how long your implants will last is how well you care for them and whether you attend your scheduled maintenance appointments.


If you don’t take care of your implants, they’ll develop an adhesive similar to what happens when natural teeth are neglected. This can lead to gum infection, bleeding, soreness, and general discomfort if left untreated. All of these issues are possible with natural teeth.

You can expect your implants to last for many years if they are well cared for and the bone they are fitted to is strong and healthy. However, there is no lifetime guarantee, just like other surgical implants (such as a hip replacement).


What if I have an accident?

Accidents can damage implants and the teeth they support in the same way that natural teeth can. If you participate in sports that involve contact or moving objects, it is essential that you wear a mouthguard.  If only the teeth are damaged, the implant can usually be removed and replaced.

However, if the titanium implant is damaged beyond repair and removal is too difficult, it can be safely left in the jaw. It’s possible that a new implant will be placed alongside it to replace the damaged one.


What happens next?

The bone in your jaw must grow onto and fuse to your implants after they have been placed. It takes a few months for this to happen in most cases.. When the implants are placed, they may be stable enough that the false teeth can be fitted sooner.

In the meantime, you may have a temporary denture if you are having one, two, or three teeth replaced. You can keep wearing your full dentures while your implants heal if you already have them. After the surgery, we will adjust your dentures to fit properly, and place a ‘healing cap’ over the implant site to protect it.


Do implants hurt?

A simple local anaesthetic is usually used to place an implant, which is often easier than extracting a tooth. You will not experience any pain during the procedure, but you may experience some discomfort in the week following the procedure, just as you would after an extraction. If you are very nervous or the procedure is complicated, your dentist may give you a sedative. General anesthetics are rarely used for implant surgery and are reserved for the most difficult cases.


How long does the treatment take?

Before the treatment begins, we will give you a rough schedule. When an implant is placed immediately after the natural tooth is extracted, it is known as immediate implant placement.. We will go with ‘immediate implants’  if these are appropriate for you. The false teeth are usually fitted three to four months after the implants are placed. Treatment may take longer in some cases.


Are the implant teeth difficult to clean?

No, it’s not true. However, if you want a long-lasting, successful implant, you must follow the guidelines carefully. We will  give you specific instructions on how to care for your implants. Cleaning the area around the implant’s teeth is no more difficult than cleaning the area around natural teeth. However, there may be difficult-to-reach areas that you’ll be shown how to clean. You may need to see your hygienist more frequently, but we will discuss about this with you.


What happens if the implant does not Synthesize with the bone?

This is a rare occurrence. If the implant becomes loose during or shortly after the healing period, it can be easily removed, and your jaw will heal normally. Another implant can be placed in your jaw once it has healed. Alternatively, we will create a bridge to fit over the successful implanted false teeth.


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